The Privasea Testnet serves as a crucial phase in the development and validation of the Privasea network. It allows users, developers, and stakeholders to experience and test the privacy-preserving AI capabilities in a controlled environment.

Purpose of the Testnet

The primary objectives of the Privasea Testnet include:

  • Validation: Validate the functionality and security of the Privasea network in a real-world, controlled setting.
  • User Experience: Gather feedback on user experience and make improvements based on user interactions.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with the community, gather insights, and foster collaboration for further development.
  • Feature Testing: Test and iterate on new features, ensuring they meet the needs of users and stakeholders.

Getting Started with Testnet


Before you begin engaging with the Privasea AI Network Testnet, whether as a Privanetix Node or a Privasea Client User, ensure you complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Install Docker:

    • Before you begin, make sure you have Docker installed on your machine.
  2. Create an ETH-type Account:

  3. Claim tBNB and Privasea Testnet Tokens:

    • Visit the faucet to claim some tBNB to the above account address.
    • Go to the faucet channel in Discord to request Privasea test tokens.

With these prerequisites completed, you are ready to engage with the Privasea AI Network Testnet.

For Privanetix Node

Privanetix Nodes, also known as Computation Nodes, play a crucial role in the Privasea AI Network Testnet. These nodes contribute computational resources to perform privacy-preserving machine learning tasks while participating in the collaborative ecosystem. The following steps outline the process of setting up a Privanetix Node:

  1. Pull Docker Image: Obtain the Privanetix Node Docker image.

  2. Start the Privanetix Node: Initiate the Privanetix Node using the Docker image.

  3. Check Privanetix Node Running Status:Verify the running status of the Privanetix Node.

  4. View Task Execution Status: Monitor the status of ongoing task executions.

  5. Check Reward Distribution: Review the distribution of rewards earned by the Privanetix Node.

  6. Stop the Node: Safely shut down the Privanetix Node.

For Privasea Client User

Client Users are essential participants in the Privasea AI Network Testnet, contributing tasks and interacting with the system. Below are the general steps for a Client User:

  1. Pull Docker Image: Obtain the Privasea Client Docker image.

  2. Start the Privasea Client: Initialize the Privasea Client using the Docker image.

  3. Submit a Task Through Privasea Client: Interact with the Privasea Client to submit a task.

  4. Check the Result of Task Execution: Review the outcome of the executed task.


The Privasea Testnet serves as a dynamic environment designed for testing and experiencing the capabilities of privacy-preserving AI computations. For the latest updates and status of the testnet, refer to the milestones. As the project evolves, users can anticipate ongoing enhancements, new features, and the development of a robust ecosystem. Stay tuned for announcements and updates related to the Privasea Testnet!

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