Testnet Milestones

The Privasea Testnet is divided into several phases, each introducing key features and improvements to the network. Below are the milestones achieved during each phase:

Phase One (2023/11-2024/1)

  1. Privasea Client V1 (CLI): Developed a command-line interface for seamless user interaction.
  2. Incentive Smart Contract V1: Deployed the first iteration of incentive smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain testnet.
  3. Privanetix Node Package V1 (TFHE): Implemented the initial version of computation node packages supporting the TFHE scheme.
  4. FHE Machine Learning Model Compiler V1: Released FHE Machine Learning Model Compiler, laying the groundwork for future developments.
  5. Privanetix Backend V1: Established Privanetix Backend V1, serving as the backbone of the Privasea Testnet.

Phase Two (2024/1-2024/4)

  1. Privasea Client V2 (UI): Upgraded the user experience with a graphical user interface.
  2. FHE Machine Learning Model Compiler V2: Released the compiler supporting advanced built-in ML models.
  3. Privanetix Node Package V2 (TFHE/CKKS): Expanded computation nodes to support both TFHE and CKKS schemes.
  4. Incentive Smart Contract V2: Refined and expanded the incentive mechanisms in smart contracts.
  5. Privanetix Backend V2: Improved and scaled the backend infrastructure to accommodate network growth.
  6. Privanetix Dashboard V1: Introduced a dashboard providing users with insights into staking activities and rewards.

Phase Three (2024/5-2024/12)

  1. FHE Machine Learning Model Compiler V3: Released the compiler supporting user-customized ML models.
  2. Privasea Client V3 (Improved UI, SDK for Dapps): Enhanced the user interface and provided an SDK for decentralized applications (Dapps).
  3. Privanetix Node Package V3 (TFHE/CKKS/BGV/BFV): Expanded computation nodes to support a broader range of cryptographic schemes.
  4. Incentive Smart Contract V3: Further optimized and customized incentive structures.
  5. Privanetix Backend V3: Continued refining and scaling the backend infrastructure.
  6. Improved Privanetix Dashboard V2: Upgraded the dashboard for comprehensive insights into computing power and task distribution statistics.

Each phase represents a significant step forward in enhancing the Privasea Testnet's capabilities and preparing for the future development of the Privasea network.

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